We wish to introduce ourselves as one of the largest pest control firm with having been in business for last 15 years. We have been carrying out pest control services in various societies, corporate offices and plants with full satisfactory results. We have a fully qualified staff who are trained at Government approved institutions to ensure that proper and hazard free services are carried out.

MANHOLES TREATMENT (General pest control)[Society]

We provide total and effective control of cockroaches using highly potent active ingredient resulting in total control of cockroaches.

Use of water base residual spray treatment to control cockroaches in gutter manholes.

  • Use of water based spray on staircase passage and common portion to control other crawling insects.
  • Monitoring: Analyzing the efficacy of the control measures and providing necessary follow up services.
  • No need to leave the premises during or after the treatment.
  • Long residual effect & COST EFFECTIVE

Sanitation: Removing excess food and limiting availability of water inside areas that are infested with cockroaches.

Needless accumulation of boxes and other trash should be avoided.

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