We wish to introduce ourselves as one of the largest pest control firm with having been in business for last 15 years. We have been carrying out pest control services in various societies, corporate offices and plants with full satisfactory results. We have a fully qualified staff who are trained at Government approved institutions to ensure that proper and hazard free services are carried out.


Rats are extremely intelligent mammals. Rats are FAST breeders. A single pair can multiply rapidly to 800 in a year. Rats are carriers of more than 40 dreaded diseases such as plague rat - bite fever etc.

This service is carried out by
  • Baiting
  • Trapping
  • Proofing method

We also use Electronic Repellent wherein, rats are not killed but repelled.

Treatment procedure: This service will be carried out by placing anti-coagulant rodenticide along the periphery of the compound.

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